Meet KubeOne: Install, Configure, Upgrade and Maintain HA Kubernetes Clusters Anywhere


Kubermatic’s sponsored OS cluster lifecycle management tool for any infrastructure

In search for a feature-complete solution that supports HA clusters, follows Kubernetes best-practices, and comes with a simple and declarative API based on the Kubernetes Cluster API, the Kubermatic dev team could not find a single one that fulfilled their needs. That’s why they decided to build KubeOne.

KubeOne takes care of installing, configuring, upgrading and maintaining Highly-Available Kubernetes clusters. It works out-of-the-box on any cloud provider, as well as on-prem and in bare-metal environments.

In this webinar, the two core contributors Marko Mudrinic and Artiom Diomin from Kubermatic will introduce KubeOne and show you how to get started.

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