Migrating Kubernetes CI Jobs to AWS


Watch Marko Mudrinić and Patryk Przekwas' Talk at the Kubernetes Contributor Summit 2023 in Amsterdam

Kubernetes project uses Google Cloud for all its needs since the project’s inception. This includes serving binaries, packages, images, but also running all sorts of tests and CI/CD (Prow). However, Kubernetes is becoming a bigger and bigger project, so costs are skyrocketing and we need to reduce and distribute them. Other cloud providers, such as AWS, joined the efforts and provided credits to the Kubernetes project. Now we need to find a way to utilize those credits and one of the ways is to make our CI jobs cloud-agnostic and run them on other providers. In this talk, Marko and Patryk will talk about how the new Prow build cluster running on AWS looks like and what is the current status of the cluster. They’ll also talk about plans for migrating existing jobs, as well as how you, as a subproject maintainer, can help us with the process. They’ll also talk about some common issues and lessons learned along the way.

Speakers: Marko Mudrinić and Patryk Przekwas, Software Engineers at Kubermatic

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