Spin Up Your Kubernetes Infrastructure the GitOps Way


Bootstrap your Kubernetes GitOps Toolchain within a few minutes!

Here comes our super special sneak-preview of start.kubermatic!

Let’s grab the GitOps principles for all levels of your ecosystem – not only for managing your application workload but use it for declaratively managing your infrastructure as well. In this presentation, we cover how we are using GitOps principles to deliver Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) with a simple wizard. To get the best possible experience for our users, we combine various cloud native projects including Flux, Helm, Grafana and Prometheus to create an end-to-end toolchain from the choice of the Git provider all the way down to the detailed configuration of the whole stack and KKP resources. On top of that, we dive into secret management (not just for Secret objects) as it’s a critical part of the picture.

Zero manual steps, just `git commit` and `git push`.

P.S.: There’s a lot more magic coming up soon…stay tuned;)

Michal Vančo & Daniel Kraus, Kubernetes Cloud Architects at Kubermatic

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