The 7 Deadly Sins in Kubernetes


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Let us jump on that Kubernetes train. It is just another tool for running my apps. Right? … Wrong!!!

As Kubernetes becomes mainstream established companies want to benefit from the advantages Kubernetes brings in, too. However, a lot of them underestimate the technical and organizational implications they will face.

What happens if you do not care about Resource Requests and Limits? Why do you lose data because of the Shell Form in your Dockerfiles? Why do you have to reconsider how to scale your apps? Why will Kubernetes change your organizational architecture? Why do lots of projects start with one cluster and end up with lots of them?

In this recording, you will learn to understand the pitfalls of not caring about best practices in Kubernetes. You will hear war stories about failed migration projects and learn how to be successful with yours.

Hubert Ströbitzer, Kubernetes Consultant at Kubermatic

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