Create the Cloud Native Future Together With Kubernetes Operators

In order to meet the increasing requirements of running more analytical jobs, it is crucial to get more insights into an organisations’ data and reap the benefits from it. To achieve this it is necessary to move the Big Data pipeline to the cloud. Doing so, this will meet the requirements of building and deploying analytical jobs within seconds with simplified user experience, scalability, and reliability. Fulfilling all expectations such as meeting standards of 99.999 availability, reduced operations, etc. is a massive challenge for cloud providers. 

In order to master these challenges and to bring down operations and failure rates, Kubernetes and related technologies have been extremely helpful. But adopting Kubernetes is not the only Mantra which helps you achieve your goals: How to design your components on top of it also matters a lot. One of these useful components are Kubernetes Operators. The purpose of this talk is to discuss scenarios in which it makes sense to create such an Operator.

Rachit Arora, Senior Architect @ IBM

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