Our Kubermatic News in April 2020

Migrating onto a new platform is challenging and time consuming as it is – but can be a rewarding endeavour. Our CEO Sebastian talks in his new blog post about how Kubermatic can help.

Other highlights this month:

  • Find out how to do a virtual 4G simulation using Kubernetes and GNS3
  • Check out our podcast with The New Stack on how to automate infrastructure that dates back 100 years
  • ContainerDays 2020 will be postponed:(

Migrating Away From NetApp Kubernetes Service

NetApp recently shared that they will discontinue their NetApp Kubernetes Service. It will cease operations on April 30, 2020 giving customers and end users less than one month to migrate onto a new solution. This timeline alone could be a challenging task, but in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic it presents a monumental hurdle.

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Virtual 4G Simulation Using Kubernetes And GNS3

The motivation behind this blog post is to see if it is possible to simulate a 4G stack using open source tools. It covers the following: Open5gs vEPC OAI UE and eNodeB simulator, Kubernetes 1.17.3, Calico CNI, Vyos Router and GNS3.

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Automating Infrastructure That Dates Back 100 Years

5G opens up many exciting business models for telcos worldwide. However, this also requires massive scaling and computing capabilities. Kubernetes, microservices and cloud native technologies are poised to be the unified base upon which large scale voice, data and media applications can be delivered. In his The New Stack Makers Podcast, Bill Mulligan from Kubermatic explains how businesses can use Kubernetes and Kuberentes Operators to automate IT operations.


ContainerDays 2020 Are Postponed

Given the current situation and regulations around COVID-19, ContainerDays from June 22-24, 2020 cannot take place as planned. We are currently in communication with everyone involved to make sure that ContainerDays can take place some time later this year – most likely in Q4. We will keep you updated!

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Edge Computing Accelerator

To help you accelerate your edge computing journey, we are happy to introduce the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Edge Computing Accelerator to our portfolio. Our Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Edge computing Accelerator is a 20.5-days engagement combining training, consultancy, and open source tooling to implement Kubernetes operations across hundreds or even thousands of distributed remote environments. If you would like to learn more please contact us at sales@kubermatic.com.

Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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