CUBE Bikes Gets to 100% Uptime With Only 5 hrs of Maintenance p.m.

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The Challenge

Release More Often at Less Risk

To keep up with their dynamic business landscape, CUBE Bikes’ IT team wanted to increase the frequency of new releases for their business-critical services. They also needed a more automated, dynamic process for updates anytime, so they would no longer need to run these afterhours. In addition, they sought to eliminate unforeseen errors due to interdependencies between services. Essentially, what they needed was high availability of services 24/7/365.

The Solution

Build a Highly Available Kubernetes Infrastructure

Well aware that containers would help them achieve high availability of their services, the CUBE Bikes’ team chose Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) to deploy and manage Kubernetes on their premises. To ensure smooth implementation and ongoing support, they also decided to go for Kubermatic’s Managed Service. After the deployment of KKP was completed within a short delay, they migrated their services one after another to their new highly available infrastructure.

The Impact

More Releases, No Day 2 and Day 3 Problems

CUBE Bike’s IT team now delivers more releases and updates automatically, without the need for over- night staffing. They’ve eliminated errors due to interdependencies and, according to Helmut Joost, Technological Head of IT, “the whole environment is much more flexible, faster, very stable and easy to scale.” This new world has encouraged Helmut to plan the migration of the remaining legacy services for better functionality and to provide all of the benefits of containerization throughout the organization.

CUBE Bikes

Originally founded in 1993 by Marcus Puerner in a small corner of his father’s furniture factory, CUBE Bikes has grown from importing a small number of bikes to sell in the local area to a global front runner with over 1,000 employees. CUBE Bikes produces 4,000 bikes and e-bikes daily and distributes 400 models in 67 countries worldwide. Their product portfolio includes a broad range of bikes and e-bikes, as well as an extensive collection of clothing and accessories.

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