Run Amazon EKS Distro With Kubermatic KubeOne

Today Amazon announced Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D), a Kubernetes distribution based on and used by Amazon EKS. Amazon EKS Distro enables you, as an infrastructure responsible, to create reliable and secure Kubernetes clusters using the same versions of Kubernetes and its dependencies deployed by Amazon EKS. Each Amazon EKS Distro release follows the EKS process, verifying new Kubernetes versions for compatibility. 

The EKS Distro source code, open source tooling, binaries and container images, as well as configuration, are provided for reproducible builds via public Git and S3 storage locations. With EKS-D, Amazon provides extended support for Kubernetes versions after community support expires, offering updated builds of previous versions including the latest security patches.

As an AWS partner, we are proud that Kubermatic KubeOne is part of the first batch of distributions to offer out-of-the-box support for Amazon EKS Distro. Kubermatic KubeOne is an infrastructure-agonistic and open source Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management tool that automates the deployment and Day 2 operations of single Kubernetes clusters. Thanks to Kubermatic KubeOne’s Terraform integration and ease of use, users can install EKS-D on AWS and Amazon Linux 2 with minimal operational effort.  

In the future, we will extend support to on-prem environments, bringing the advantages of EKS-D to the data centers. Moreover, we are working on adding EKS-D support for other Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS, Flatcar) and ensuring you can use EKS-D on all other providers that are natively supported by Kubermatic KubeOne (i.a. OpenStack, VMware vSphere). 

In our technical blog post you can find a detailed description of how to set up EKS Distro with Kubermatic KubeOne. If you would like to learn more about Amazon EKS Distro on Kubermatic KubeOne, feel free to contact us

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Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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