Scalable Cloud Native Infrastructure for Growth on IoT

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The Challenge

Get Ready to Scale

Temial is a smart tea maker that combines state-of-the-art IoT technology with century-old traditional tea culture. The company was launched in 2019 as an in-house startup of the Vorwerk Group with the clear objective to grow massively over the next couple of years. In order to build a solid base for their business success, they were looking for a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure to operate and develop the IoT product, as well as provisioning for a quickly expanding internal organization.

The Solution

Migrate to a Highly Automated Cloud Native Infrastructure

To achieve the reliability, scalability, and performance they needed, Vorwerk Temial decided to migrate to containerized applications on a hosted cloud platform. They also understood the requirement for substantial automation, so that resources could be invested into delivering better features in a shorter time to market. That’s why Vorwerk Temial decided to leverage Open Telekom Cloud and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) to maximize Managed Kubernetes Services with minimum operational overhead.

The Impact

Ready to Innovate and Scale

With Open Telekom Cloud and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, Vorwerk Temial now has the state-of-the-art infrastructure they need to support their scaling business model. With the new setup, they are able to extend their infrastructure in a matter of minutes – not hours, days, or even weeks. At the same time, operational complexity has significantly decreased so they can focus on the continuous innovation of their IoT technology to stay ahead of their competitors.

About Vorwerk Temial and T-Systems MMS

Vorwerk Temial is the latest innovative start up within the Vorwerk Group, dovetailing elegantly into their strategic focus on smart households. The Temial tea maker with its IoT features and functionalities is at the heart of this ecosphere, complemented by an inspiring portfolio of different loose-leaf organic varieties and accessories. With Temial, consumers can explore the fascinating world of teas and enrich their daily life with a state-of-the-art tea experience.

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